Health policy

Virolai School, aware of the importance of working towards health education, has implemented a Health School Model.

This model aims to improve knowledge about healthy habits and enable students to make informed and responsible Health-related decisions.

Virolai School’s commitment to improving the health of all members of the Educational Community and their sphere of influence is reflected in the following objectives.

  • To promote, strengthen, and consolidate healthy habits, continuous improvement, and the concept of a healthy school, as well as to promote Health within its sphere of influence.
  • To take a cross-cutting approach to Health education, incorporating health and sustainability vàlues in all educational stages.
  • To raise awareness among students and the school team about these values and promote responsible behavior, involving them in the Healthy school model.
  • To establish and maintain an up-to-date health management system,  setting annual health objectives and developing appropriate programs to achieve them.
  • To provide the school with the necessary resources to implement the health management system and its related activities.
  • To disseminate the Health policy to our parents and the entire school community in order to transform the school into an agent of change.