The baccalaureate is a crucial period in the academy and personal development of the majority of Young people who complete their secondary education.

At Virolai, we present a new proposal for baccalaureate with the aim of responding to the necessary educational transformation in this stage as well.

Considering the unique characteristics of this educational stage and the maturation students aged 16 to 18, the distinctive features of our comprehensive proposal involve a baccalaureate model that, beyond mere preparation for university entry, simultaneously prepares Young people comprehensively  for their Integration into a global and ever-changing world . In this world, they will need to maintain an open, committed, a lifelong learning attitude.

Our model introduces new content and competències, based on Anglo-Saxon educational system, which promotes in-depth exploration of various fields, a global and applied perspective of the content, as well as curiosity, creativity and a critical, entrepreneurial spirit that is open to the world.

Baccalaureate Dossier