Secondary school, education in adolescence

Secondary school is a crucial period in the academy and personal development of Young boys and girls. That’s why our educational efforts are focused on acquiring competències that empower students to learn autonomously in global and collaborative environments. These competències enable them to make critical and responsible decisions. Teachers, led by individual tutors, work to help the students achieve the goals of their personal plans, both in acadèmic and personal spheres. Close collaboration between families and the school interdisciplinary and competency-based  learning, personalized attention, and personal and professional guidance are key elements for students to achieve their satisfaction and succés.

secondary dossier
The curriculum

What is it?

The currículum is the set of subjects that students study. It is composed of a common part and an optional and specific part.

How is it organized?

The curriculum is structured into:

  • Common subjects: these are the mandatory contents of the areas and they develop the general stage objectives, contributing to the acquisition of basic competències. They correspond to the traditional areas of learning already worked on in the primary stage, and the technology area is also incorporated.
  • Optional subjects: these develop optional content related to various areas of the common currículu. The design of optional subjects should cater to the diversity of interests, capabilities and learning paces.
  • Specific subjects: At Virolai, we have a project that offers specific subjects in biology, geology, physics,chemistry, technology, and Latin to ensure a comprehensive education for all the students and to facilitate their choice of further studies.
  • Synthesis work: this is an interdisciplinary, year-long project. Different areas design a set of activities in which students, grouped in work teams, must use all the basic learning they have acquired during the course.

It takes place over the course of a week, during which instructional hours are dedicated to completing this project.

In 4th ESO, the synthesis work is replaced by a research project, introducing students to the methodology they will apply in baccalaureate and future studies.