Renewables Energies + Professional Drone Pilot Certificate

Vocational training in renewable energies is a specialized program in energy generation. This program combines practical and theoretical learning to equip students with the skills for the assembly and/or maintenance of photovoltaic panels and wind towers, as well as project management and administration.

In a time like the present, where climate change is causing such adverse effects on our planet, the energy transformation towards green and renewable energies is not only an opportunity but an imminent necessity.

Do you know that every two weeks a new employee joins a company in the sector? Do you know that we are still far from achieving the goal set by the European Union?

In response to this labor and social need, FP Virolai, in collaboration with leading companies in the sector, offers this Advanced vocational training program in renewable energies, tailored to the current market’s needs.

The European Union could be supplied with 100% renewable energy (Source: Aura Energía)
How is the higher degree in renewables energies at virolai?

At FP Virolai, we have made an effort to create an advanced training cycle where students not only learn at an academic level but also directly in companies. That’s why contact with the working environment  begins from the first week of the course.

In addition, FP Virolai, has collaboration agreements with entities as important in the engineering sector as the EETAC school of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), international researchers, and pioneer companies in the energy sector such as HolaLuz.

What we offer you?

  • Afternoon schedules from 3.00 PM to 8.30 PM
  • 100% collaboration with companies from the first year
  • In-person and online training
  • Own educational materials
  • Training seminars with various industry specialists
  • Certification in electrical risk safety
  • Certification for working at heights
  • Certification for vertical work
  • Professional drone Pilot Certification

The professional UAS Drone Pilot Certificate, available from the age of 16, will allow you to carry out drone piloting tasks for the maintenance and monitoring of large surfaces of photovoltaic panels or wind turbines (solar farms), as well as detecting faults or deficiencies in energy production. This knowledge will help you integrate into the workforce of the energy sector.

Access requirements

To be able to enroll to this program, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a Baccalaureate diploma
  • Hold a Higher Technician (Higher Grade) or Specialist Technician (Intermediate GRade) diploma
  • Pass the entrance exam from Higher Grade
  • Pass the university entrance exam for individuals over 25.
  • Hold a COU diploma
  • Hold a FPII diploma
  • Hold an official equivalent to or higher than any of the above.
Course structure

Course structure
Career opportunities with a higher degree in Renewable Energies

  • Technician in the operation and maintenance of wind installation.
  • Supervisor for the assembly of wind farms
  • Supervisor for the assembly of wind turbines
  • Specialized wind turbine installer
  • Specialist in maintenance of wind farms
  • Promoter of solar installations
  • Designer of photovoltaic solar installation
  • Supervisor of assembly and maintenance of photovoltaic solar installation
  • supervisor for the operation and maintenance of small photovoltaic solar power plants.
  • Installer and operator of photovoltaic solar installations
  • Supervisor for the assembly of electrical substation for wind and photovoltaic installations
  • supervisor for the maintenance of electrical substation for wind and photovoltaic installations
  • Operator and maintainer of electrical substation for wind and photovoltaic installation
What can you work on with a professional drone pilot certificate?

  • UAS instructor
  • UAS aeronautical operators
  • UAS operations manager
  • Consultancy in the UAS aeronautical sector
  • UAS aircraft manufacturing: management, strategic planning, sales.
  • Forest fire extinguishing as an employee of public administration.
  • Training for pesticides treatments
  • Feasibility study for the construction of wind farms
  • Study of the proper functioning of wind farms

* UAS: Unmanned Aerial System