Technician in Networking Systems Administration (ASIR)

What do we offer you?

The Virolai School in Barcelona stands out for its personalized attention to students, the meaningful acquisition of knowledge and skills, and the preparation for lifelong learning. This approach, which defines us, places a strong emphasis on professional training: a post obligatory, adult stage that equips our students with everything necessary for personal and professional success. 

Upon completing  the Network System Administration program at Virolai,  you will receive the title of Senior Technician, allowing you to access any official university undergraduate program.

Once you graduate in ASIX, you will be able to obtain the validation of ECTS university credits, to a greater or lesser extent depending on your degree you pursue.

If you envision your future as a computer engineer, the theoretical and practical path to becoming a competent professional with excellent job prospects starts here.

Professional opportunities

As a Higher Technician in Networking Systems Administration, you can access a wide range of professional roles, including:

  • Technical support staff
  • IT manager
  • System supervisor
  • Network technician
  • Database administration technician
  • System administration technician
  • Web environment technician
  • Internet services technician
  • Communication services technician
  • Electronic messaging technician
  • Teleassistance technician

You already know that the world of technology is constantly evolving, so there are just some initial ideas. Having studied at Virolai, with the combination of personal skills mastery and your excellent professional aptitudes, you get to decide your professional future.

Course structure

We are working on the new structure of CFGS ASIR, according to the curriculum that will be published in the future by the Department. We will keep you informed!

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