In Virolai, the educational team aims to help boys and girls develop attitudes and skills that will serve them in life. For this reason, the teacher’s staff adapts to the uniqueness of each of them, considering them as the protagonists of their education.

The today’s digital society, the teacher is no longer the only transmitter of knowledge. Despite their role as educators, the teaching staff has transformed into guides and companions in the student’s extended learning journey. In this new model, teachers pursue a role beyond their specialization, in a more holístic manner, to ensure the overall learning of the students as well as their evaluation. When we place the students at the center of the learning process, the evaluation of this process should be a shared effort: the student should assess their own learning process and, for this purpose, they need interaction and feedback from the teachers.

This transformation establishes new dynamics: teamwork, and training plans among teachers that enable new proposals and projects connected to the real world. Both the teachers and the students, as well as the school, are engaged in an ongoing process of learning.

Organization chart

Montse Ballarín

Managing director

Sandra Entrena

Rosa M. Sánchez

Head of studies for ESO

Carol De Britos

Head of primary education

Anna Íñigo

Cap d’Estudis Ed. Infantil

Montserrat Brau

Sandra Entrena

Virolai Escola

Maite Pino

Reina Elisenda Virolai

Clàudia López de Lamadrid

Anna Íñigo

Virolai Grimm

Cristo Avilés

Technical coordinator for Primary education

Rebeca Manzano

Primary pedagogical coordinator

Isabel Beltran

Primary pedagogical coordinator

Maria Latre

Primary pedagogical coordinator at Reina Elisenda

Marta Cárdenas

Primary pedagogical coordinator at Reina Elisenda

Quique Vergara

Pedagogical coordinator for Secondary education and High school

Cesc Masdeu

Pedagogical coordinator for Secondary education

Alba Pros

Technical coordinator for High school

Tània Noguerol

Technical coordinator for Secondary education

Clàudia López de Lamadrid

Pedagogical coordinator at Virolai Petit

Cristina Romanos

Pedagogical coordinator at Virolai Grimm

Andreu Gabriel

Elisabet Salvador

Carles Zurita

Physical education

Joan Carles Moreno

Maite Sillero

Foreign Language

José L. Tourón

Scientific and technological

Paloma Llaquet

Diversity and inclusion, Quality and Solidarity

Mª José Miranda

Internationalization, practices, and Extracurriculars

Guillem Conde

Virolai Sports Club

Benet Martín

Promotion and Alumni

Carles Sentís

Carles Zurita

José A. Carrera

Administration Manager

Joan Creus

Management and Services

Magda Ferrando


Isabel Vila

Ruth Navarro

Secretary Manager

Lorena Santillana

Academic secretary

Elena Manzano

Adriana Castaño

Cristina Esteve

Montse Xanco

Secretary at Virolai Petit

Maribel Rubia

Secretary at Virolai Grimm